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Originally planned as a Carnegie Hall solo recital but cancelled due to ongoing venue closures with the global pandemic, this visual album presents the works of several female composers in the classical music industry, primarily world premieres
Zachary James, Voice
Charity Wicks, Piano
Jeffrey Zeigler, Cello
Bonnie Montgomery, Piano
Brandon J. Acker, Theorbo
Megan Nielson, Soprano 
Frederick Poholek, Guitar
Kevin Skrla, Steel Guitar
 music by 
Juliana Hall
Kristin Hevner
Apsara Kasiraman
Bonnie Montgomery
Rene Orth
Rachel J. Peters
Paola Prestini
Kamala Sankaram
Barbara Strozzi
Persis Vehar
words by
Lewis Carroll
Lucretia Davidson
George Klawitter
Robert Maddock
Edgar Allan Poe
Royce Vavrek
Caitlin Vincent
“mind-blowing feats of indulgent insanity”
“you’ll be transfixed from start to finish”
“so much more than a soundscape as you embrace the chaos, imagination and cinematic style”
A&R Factory 
“Zachary James is the definition of using one’s platform to support and uplift other artists with his brand new visual album CALL OUT”
NBC10 Philadelphia 
“Call Out is an ample demonstration of Zachary James’ many talents—and an inspiring example of the artistic light that can be generated even when our theaters are temporarily dark...just when I think we’ve reached the limits of what can be accomplished in the pandemic’s virtual isolation, something new comes along to surprise me. Bass-baritone Zachary James’s protean talents are known to cross popular musical theater (he created Lurch in The Addams Family on Broadway) and opera (notably in the Met’s Akhnaten); now, James also shows himself to be an accomplished video artist...the level of visual imagination and polish is astonishing...
the sheer luxe-ness of the project is jaw-dropping.”
Parterre Box 
“The direction that opera needs to go”
“Cinematic, very theatrical, multi-media”
“This is the type of art I’m willing to sit down and watch on my computer”
Opera Box Score 
“What was Zachary James thinking? Amid a raging pandemic, the star of stage and screen embarked on a wild, exhausting four-month-long intensive project to produce “CALL OUT,” a visual album that takes the audience on a trip into the bass-baritone’s imagination...He wasn’t thinking outside the box, that’s for certain. No, he broke the box down and put it out to the curb for recycling....“CALL OUT” has received multiple awards, international film festival selections, and gushes of praise from the music press. The lasting effects on the industry, reeling from the devastation of the pandemic, could be profound as more artists follow, unafraid of the repercussions...An A-lister thumbing his nose at accepted norms may serve as a catalyst and inspiration to others in the industry while also growing opera’s fan base. And, for music fans who think opera singers can’t sing anything outside the genre convincingly, “CALL OUT” pokes holes in that misconception, too...James’ body of work, in and outside the opera industry, removes the limiting factor through his enviable, wide-ranging fan base born of an unwillingness to be hemmed in by any medium or genre.  Those who know him understand that Zachary James is Zachary James; he’s curious and brave, requisite traits for an artist whose vision was to convert a Carnegie program into a carnival of the mind...“CALL OUT” is a new chapter in James’ journey as an artist. The 98-minute trip akin to The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine,” Prince’s “Purple Rain,” and other notable visual albums, is a combo of rollicking fun and self-revealing moments. It’s a well-planned, lovingly curated, and brilliantly executed mash-up that’s exciting and intelligent...Trust me, it’s all worth watching.”
Opera Wire